Have you ever visited a temple or a church and not smelled the modest perfumed smokes of incense sticks? Likely not. And most certainly not in India, the land of diversified religious harmony. Whether you are visiting a shrine or attending a funeral, lighting up incense sticks are a customary. It isbelieved to be the way to guide the prayers to the divine. To purge all the negatives and bring forth the merriment of holiness, fill the air with the aromatic smokes of the Satya aggarbattis. The Shrinivas Sugandhalaya in Bangalore produces the best champa flavoured incense sticks and that too, in economical packs. The Fragrance Palace showcases these popular items on the online portal and caters to nag champa wholesale. Being one of the main Satya nag champa exporters, Fragrance Palace deals out quite some periodic & festive discounts to pull in huge sales for the Satya branded incense sticks manufacturer.